Executive Director

Boise, Idaho, United States


In collaboration with the Executive Officers, oversees all programs of the Idaho State Democratic Party. The Executive Director is responsible for well-managed Party programs that build the Party at the grassroots level, strengthen its infrastructure and effectively execute the Strategic Plan of the State Party. This person must be committed to the Idaho Democratic Party’s values and platform. The Executive Director reports to the State Party Chair.



• Work with Executive Officers to implement strategic planning processes, goals and priorities.and restructure job responsibilities as needed. Strive to establish a strong field program statewide and support the opening of additional county/regional offices.

• Review Monitor milestones in the plan and report to the Executive Committee and the State Central Committee.

• Relentlessly promote and push forward the strategic objectives of the Party as approved by the State Central Committee.


• Supervise, develop and support local, remote, and DNC party partnership staff. Complete performance agreements, encourage staff development and assure HR compliance.

• Review functions and restructure job responsibilities as needed. Strive to establish a strong field program statewide and support the opening of additional county/regional offices.

• Recruit, hire, onboard and provide training opportunities for staff as the organization grows.

Party Leadership and Logistics

• Professional and charismatic leader who is articulate, well-spoken and able to communicate a values-based message.

• Oversees internal party affairs.

• Represent party interests in coordinated campaign activities to ensure consistent messaging, solid internal controls and reporting compliance.

• Collaborate with others to promote the progressive interests of the state.

• Develop and maintain professional relationships with Democratic Party leaders, elected officials, key constituencies and donors.

• Act as liaison with designated organizations (DNC, DGA, DSCC, DCCC, Grassroots Democrats, ASDC, etc.).

Fundraising and Finance

• Manage development of a fundraising plan with the Treasurer and work with fundraising committee to implement plan.

• Take a strong personal role in fundraising efforts. Interact proactively and effectively with a large range of donors.

• Work with fundraising consultant(s) and/or telemarketer(s) and other vendors to monitor and maximize fundraising efforts.

• Develop and execute an operating budget with the Treasurer that is consistent with the strategic plan.

• Provide final review and approval of all financial activities including fundraising, campaign finance reports and tax filings.

Campaign Services

• Manage development of a Political/Campaign strategy and programs to achieve that strategy.

• Manage candidate recruitment processes within the context of the strategic plan. Participate in those processes wherever and whenever needed.

• Provide oversight of the Field Program and assure that it is executed successfully. Make sure that resources are available for critical projects (See Fundraising).

• Ensure that an effective GOTV program is defined and in place and is executed successfully during each campaign cycle.

• Continue expansion of non-partisan local races; explore how resources and tools can be used effectively, assess the Party’s ability to further extend efforts into these areas and adjust investments accordingly.

• Ascertain and promote other aspects of political development including voter registration priorities and programs.

• Manage strong volunteer program including recruitment, development and retention programs.


• Assure that a strong Messaging Strategy is in place and supported by a Messaging Committee that reports to the Communications Director.

• Provide input to the Communications Director and State Chair regarding press releases, speak out on important issues, respond to attacks and present the Democratic Party in a positive, professional light. Help to provide quick, competent, professional and hard-hitting responses to poorly conceived Republican legislation, policies and statements when needed.

• Assure that the best possible use is made of strategic databases and digital tools. Manage strategies for technology investments and deployment. Assure that the user community has adequate support to achieve their objectives.

• Assure that the Communications Director is developing and producing party-building and message delivery tools, including social media, brochures, newsletters, briefings, website, etc.

• Identify funds adequate to support advertising efforts (See Fundraising).

• Utilize relevant data to adjust investments in media that impact our evolving audiences.


• Invest in training programs for the State Party, including staff, precinct committees, volunteers, activists and candidates.

• Facilitate personal growth and development for self and IDP staff.

Preferred Experience:

• An Executive who has been successful in providing dynamic leadership to achieve their organization’s objectives.

• Pertinent executive or senior leadership in multiple political campaigns, which may include non-profit, private industry or the public sector. Ideally experience would include previous success in local, state and/or federal campaigns. Experience in a State Party preferred. Proficiency in grassroots organizing and voter contact in the context of the rural urban divide.

• An excellent internal leader recognized for their ability to identify, develop, motivate, manage and build functional teams that achieve and maintain superior levels of performance.

• Demonstrated ability to develop and execute strategic political strategies and manage tactical execution to achieve results.

• Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain a credible reputation and high profile presence across disparate geographies.

• Excellent written and oral communication skills and proven media experience.

• Knowledge and experience with all aspects of elections including election law, campaign techniques, campaign planning, targeting, polling, get-out-the-vote programs and vendor selection.

• Experience in soliciting and securing donor dollars.

• Works collaboratively across cohorts including partner organizations with a variety of interests.

• Experience in building authentic relationships and working alongside historically marginalized communities openly, respectfully and supportively.

Key Competences:

• Professional, reliable, and honest.

• Responsible community member.

• A strong and purpose-driven leader who seeks to build a team that is professional, motivated, works well individually and collaboratively. Creates a culture that is more supportive than competitive.

• Understands financial and profit/loss statements and campaign finance reporting.

• Driven and results oriented.

• Able to track the detail while retaining focus on the strategic direction.

• Able to work collaboratively and communicate clearly and effectively with strong active listening, negotiation and conflict resolutions skills.

• Comfortable communicating in front of audiences and cameras.

• Resilient under pressure with strong coping skills.

• Works effectively from a position in the minority.

• An individual who is committed to the success of the Idaho Democratic Party.

The Idaho Democratic Party is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran status, marital status, disability or any category prohibited by local, state or federal law.


Salary range: $62,000 - $65,000

Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

Phone Plan

Monthly Tech Stipend

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